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The Truth of God's Word will set a man free! The church has turned into a corporation instead of a living organism with a form of Godliness without the power. Powerless sermons have led to a powerless christian who has not yet learned the power in the blood. Find out who you are in Christ, what He has truly done for you, and how to walk in the power He has given to you. Yes, there is more to life, so much more!

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sonshine feat. harmony

single | 2022


A bout  Annaly

Annaly Mawire is captivating, fearless, and prepared “to go there” spiritually and her music provides the listener more than just a unique sound. When asked why she chooses to lead worship rather than perform, Annaly says, “My mission is to bring the presence of God, not entertain or impress.” Annaly’s music ministry creates the place where God can freely bring change and healing to a person’s life. 

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"God moves where His Spirit dwells. His Spirit dwells where He is praised."

Annaly Mawire

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