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Violent Faith

It's time for the Kingdom of God to to join forces with King Jesus and deal with the issues overwhelming our nation.

Violent Faith, Outdoor Portrait

Life has been hitting us hard these last few years wouldn't you agree?

Covid fears are running rampant. Social pressures are hitting the younger generation. Food shortages and church persecutions, especially right now, the one in the spotlight is in Afghanistan.

You can't deny that right now, the enemy is coming full force.

Did you know that, according to Impact 360 Institute, only four percent of Gen Z kids have a biblical worldview? Four percent!

The pressures and the teachings of the world are coming for us. They want us to deny our beliefs and accept and comply to theirs. The church has silently stood back about the issues overwhelming this nation.

And I ask myself, why? I've come to the conclusion that our passivity

comes from the fact that the Bible says that "sin will increase."

That has been our excuse. That has been our way out. The church has given

up its positioning. We are the sleeping giant unaware of the overthrow

that's taking place today. It's time for the church to wake up!

As much as the enemy comes with violence. We are called in that same degree

to come with violent faith. The Bible says the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

That word "violent" in the Greek means "eager in pursuit."

This is not a physical violence, but an aggressive one. We are not called to have

a passive faith, but an aggressive faith.

Jesus's own words in Matthew 10:34, He says, "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

Let's look at Jesus' example:

Violent Faith, Jesus' Example, List of walking out Christianity

It's time for believers to enter into the kingdom reality, to join forces with King Jesus and deal with the issues overwhelming our nation. That is our call as born again believers!

When we come to experience the reality of His word, it is the fuel that gets us through. It is the fuel that drives us forward, "eager in pursuit."

We have to experience this in our own personal life and no longer have

just a mental agreement of it, because we hear it at church.

We are called to violently bring the Kingdom of God to our nation, to our community.

Again, this violence is not violence in a physical sense, but aggressive, "eager in pursuit." Violent in love, violent in prayer, violent in speaking the truth, just like Jesus did.

Step out from religion to reality and see the working of God in your life, in your situation, in your family, in your nation.

God bless.

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